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Kit de teste de ovulação e gravidez MomMed para uso doméstico com 70 copos de coleta grátis (Envie SOMENTE para os EUAl)

THE COMPLETE AT-HOME KIT: This at-home pregnancy kit provides you with everything you need to accurately track your ovulation and test for pregnancy. It includes 50 ovulation (LH) test strips, 20 home pregnancy (HCG) tests, 70 collection cups, time tracki
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Mommed Ovulation Test and Pregnancy Test Kit
  • 50 Ovulation Predictors
  • 20 Home Pregnancy Tests
  • 70 Urine Collection Cups
  • Easy-to-Follow Time Tracking Chart
  • Convenient Instruction Manual
Track your ovulation
With our test strips, you can know exactly the best time to get pregnant. Give it a shot on that time, you will have a greatest chance to create the world's most precious gift.

25mIU Means No False Positive
Our ovulation tests and pregnancy tests has a standard sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml which is the standard recommended cut-off level. The accuracy detecting HCG/ LH above cut off is over 99% when used properly.


Make A Wonderful Love

When our tests indicate your fertile window, you know it’s time to make a wonderful love and create the most precious gift in this word - a cutest baby!

Know What to Expect in 3 Easy Steps
Step 1

Allow the test device and urine specimen to equilibrate to room temperature 59-86ºF (15-30°C) before opening the foil pouch.

Remove the test device from the sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible.

Step 2

Lay the strip down on a flat, non-absorbent, clean surface.

Start the timer and wait for the colored line(s) to appear.

Read results in five minutes.

Do not read results after more than 5 minutes.

Step 3

*Negative(No LH Surge): Only one color band appears on the control region, or the test band appears but is lighter than the control band. This means no LH surge.

*Positive(LH Surge): If two color bands are visible, and the test band is equal to or darker than the next 24-48 hours.

*Invalid: If no band is visible, or there is a visible band only in the test region and not in the control region, the result is invalid.

Distinct color bands appear in the Control and Test Zones. It indicates that you are pregnant.

2.Negative (not pregnant):

Only one color band appears, in the Control Zone. No apparent band on the Test Zone. This indicates that no pregnancy has been detected.


No visible band at all, or there is a visible band only in the test region and not in the control region. Repeat with a new test kit.

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